How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos

How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos

One easy way of saving WhatsApp Status images is to take a screenshot of the Status. However, this method does not work for saving WhatsApp Status Videos.

Hence, a better way to save both WhatsApp Status Videos and Images is to access the hidden “.statuses” Folder on your device, where WhatsApp keeps Status uploads for a period of 24 hours.

On an Android Phone, the hidden “.statuses” folder can be easily accessed using File Manager or by using ES File Explorer App.

In case of iPhone, WhatsApp Status Videos can be recorded using the Screen Recording Feature as available on iOS devices.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos On Android Phone Using File Manager

Each time you view a status on WhatsApp, that status is automatically saved for 24 hours in a hidden “.statuses” Folder on your device.

Hence, the easiest way to save WhatsApp Status Videos and Images on an Android Phone would be to access the “.statuses” Folder on your device using “File Manager” and copy WhatsApp Status Videos and Images.

On Samsung phones the “File Manager” is labelled as “My Files”. On Xiaomi, Motorola and most Stock Android Phones, it is labelled as “File Manager”.

The easiest way to access File Manager is to search for “File Manager” in Google Assistant.

On Samsung phones you can access File Manager by tapping on All Apps > Tools > My Files. On Stock Android Phones, you can access File Manager in the App Drawer.

If you cannot find the File Manager on your device, you can skip this method and use the second one.

1. Open File Manager on your Android Phone.

2. Using File Manager, navigate to Device Storage > WhatsApp > Media

3. Once WhatsApp Media folder opens, tap on the 3-dot icon from the top right corner of your screen and tap on Show Hidden Files option

4. Next, tap on the .Statuses Folder.

5. In “.Statuses” Folder, select the WhatsApp Status Videos and Images that you want to save and copy them to another folder.

Tip: To keep all your WhatsApp images in one place copy WhatsApp Images to “WhatsApp Images” Folder and copy WhatsApp Videos to “WhatsApp Video” Folder.

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